Wall Mounted Umbrellas


Versatile shade for particular spaces

Is it time to get your entertaining space ready for guests? Do you have nooks and crannies that need shade? It can be hard to find an instant shade solution for them. A wall umbrella is perfect to mould into your current buildings and fixtures. The Wall Mounted umbrella is engineered to tilt, rotate and extend so that it can fit into any space.

The SU3 is designed for small spaces, patios, balconies and decks. It's easy to remove from its mount, allowing you to pull it down when not in use. Entertain your friends with a classy, stylish setting that’s perfect for bringing loved ones together.

Have a relaxing soak in your spa or read a book in your hammock underneath the dynamic, comfortable shade from your wall umbrella.

Premium Wall Mounted Umbrellas

Our cantilever umbrellas, the Shadowspec Unity™ and Shadowspec Serenity™ can also be a wall umbrella. Your bar or restaurant can mount our marine-grade commercial umbrellas to the wall giving you new opportunities to enhance your space. They feature our gas-assisted lift and one-movement slider saving you money by reducing the amount of time your staff spend deploying your patio umbrellas.

Do you have a classy alfresco dining area that needs to be shaded without intruding on your available space? Mount your shade on the walls of your building to create a seamless solution that will keep your patrons on-site longer. There’s untapped revenue in outdoor space where shading is at a minimum. By installing Shadowspec umbrellas you can take advantage of your space and increase your revenue by creating an experience for your guests.

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