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As a New Zealander, your backyard and outdoor area is no doubt a place where you enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends. Make sure your home is geared up for all seasons and occasions with the best outdoor umbrellas in nz.

Shadowspec outdoor umbrellas are engineered to stand up and stand out. Our modular designs are thoughtful and concise, designed to help you enjoy the outdoors with effortless ease. 

Our top of the line cantilever umbrellas have no internal cables or tiresome winding cranks. One easy sliding movement is all it takes to add style to your outdoor space.

Need help finding the best outdoor umbrella for your space? Our Umbrella Selector is a quick quiz to help you self-select your outdoor umbrella cantilever, centre pole or wall mounted. View Umbrella Selector Tool >


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Umbrellas have come a long way from the plastic outdoor table with umbrella hole. Now premium outdoor umbrellas are one of the best ways to maximise your useable outdoor space. Cantilever umbrellas are perfect for entertaining. We have many different options, so view our full umbrella range for size and configuration details.

The 3m outdoor umbrella is a popular size
Our SU2 Cafe & Resort Umbrella and Shadowspec Serenity™ have a 3m square option. The Shadowspec Unity™ is also available as a 3m square but it has the added bonus of being able to mount up to 3 other canopies onto the same mast. We have many different umbrella canopy sizes available so view our full umbrella range.

Square outdoor umbrella vs octagonal
Octagonal canopies fit with your more traditional design styles. Square tend to enhance contemporary decor and balance parallel architectural features of the adjoining building. Rectangular shaped umbrella canopies can shade the entire length of a long table (this shape can be achieved with a Multi-canopy Cantilever Umbrella).

Square outdoor umbrellas can increase your living space. If you are wanting your umbrella to be an extension of your living indoor area, square outdoor patio umbrellas are a great option as they can provide coverage right up to the edge of a building. The Unity™ has a square outdoor umbrella option. You can mount up to four canopies on the one mast to create a large outdoor living space with room for a dining table (as below). Rain gutters can also be added to the umbrellas.



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