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Market Umbrellas
Marine-Grade Hospitality shade

Traditional outdoor shade.
Our market umbrellas are Stylish, resilient and individual.

The market umbrella is easy to spot, popular among bars, restaurants and backyards alike. They're also perfect for their namesake markets, bazaars and small gatherings. Easy to set up and portable, it is designed as a one-person product. 

Our weather is variable, so on hot days, Shadowspec's version, the SU2 Cafe & Resort umbrella provides important shelter from the suns UV rays. Our market umbrella is available in a variety of canopy shapes, sizes and colours, with both surface plate and portable umbrella base mounting options.





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What is the Market Umbrella?

Our umbrellas are large enough to provide shelter in a business setting like cafes and restaurants, food vendors, farmers market stalls or resorts and hotels. Our SU2 Cafe & Resort umbrella is also ideal as a residential umbrella. 


Durability needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the best shade. Rather than buying a cheap umbrella that looks good in a photo but will blow away or snap with a simple gust of wind. 

Components and Frame

Cheap components will let an umbrella down. What you need to look for when purchasing are high-performance hubs, brackets and fastenings.  Our umbrella frames and poles are made from marine-grade anodised aluminium. They have stainless steel fastenings and components, plus a commercial strength pole. You need to look at the market umbrella stand quality as this will be taking the weight. Our SU2 comes with a steel flat plate, concrete base or surface plate.

Umbrella Canopy Fabric

Will your umbrella withstand strong rains or will it leak? Shadowspec umbrellas have a solution dyed canopy. All fabrics can be washed and are replaceable and they have a shade rating: UPF 40+. Our market umbrella covers extend the life of the umbrella as they protect it from the harsh sun and rain as it is a waterproof too.

The Umbrella Base

What sort of base do you want for your umbrella? If you have high winds you may want to opt for an umbrella base that is fixed to the ground. If you want to move it around you could opt for a concrete or steel flat base that is movable. Our market umbrella base comes with three options; steel flat plate base, concrete base and a surface plate.

Oblong Market Umbrella

Perhaps you are not wanting the standard square or octagonal market umbrella but instead an oblong market umbrella? Our Shadowspec Unity™ with two square canopies attached to the mast creates an oblong shape that is ideal for coverage over an outside dining table. 

Custom Printed Market Umbrella

We are custom umbrella printing specialists. We can colour match your logo and screenprint onto your market umbrella canopy. Our in-house designers will whip up your design in no time then they'll supply you with a design proof before printing. This is one of the best ways to get extra brand exposure. 

Price May be a Factor

Buying a cheap market umbrella for sale may feel great as you've got a bargain, but, when the wind picks up and the umbrella snaps or falls over, you may think spending a few hundred extra would have been worth it. Consider buying a market umbrella as an investment like outdoor furniture. By choosing a high-quality Shadowspec SU2 Cafe & Resort Umbrella that have a 4 year frame warranty you can be assured you are buying quality. We have high-quality market umbrellas for sale which means you won't need to keep replacing the cheaper market umbrella.

Final Thoughts

Have these tips have helped you decide whether our Cafe & Resort umbrella is best suited for your home or business? We have other umbrella models and types so refer to our product pages or go to the SU2 Cafe & Resort umbrella page for market umbrella sizes.

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Branded Umbrellas

We enjoy helping new and existing businesses to improve their offering and that doesn't just end with great shade. We work with customers to design and print custom canopies for their umbrellas. Stand out even more and spread your brand and message beyond the confines of your premises with a custom printed market umbrella. Check out our umbrella catalogue.


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