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In a warm New Zealand summer, there is nothing better than retreating from the sun under your very own shade structure – whether you have been splashing about in the pool, or you want to lounge about at the local cafe. For your days spent in the outdoors, protecting yourself from the harsh sun is important.

We have a variety of shade options available to suit most situations. From the simple central post shade umbrellas, to a multi-mast cantilever umbrella model that can cover up to 38m2. We have a sun shade solution to suit your home or business, no matter where in New Zealand you are located, be it Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch or wider.

Our double umbrellas offer an ideal alternative to retractable awnings for New Zealand. They’re designed to withstand high wind conditions and, with marine-grade Dickson & Sunbrella acrylic, will help block out the strong NZ sun and its harmful UVA and UVB rays. Each developed to national safety standards, our awnings and canopies alternatives offer premium protection, no matter the weather.

Smooth awnings installation

Each patio shade is immensely simple and easy to use, brilliantly designed and perfectly engineered with smooth movement of parts and no heavy lifting required. In barely any time at all, you will have an intricate shade solution in your yard, ready to protect you from harshest rays, while offering a stylish addition to your backyard or business – a great alternative to retractable awnings.

The double ‘Duo’ SU6 umbrella cover a similar rectangular shaped area to an awning yet they have the added benefit over a retractable awning of being self-supporting on their own pole, essentially free-standing and not reliant on a suitable wall or structure to mount off that the traditional canopy awning requires.

In addition to being immensely practical, our fabric shades are very attractive. Offered in a selection of popular colours, we also offer the option for custom colour shades, allowing you to match in with the existing decorative scheme of your home or business. Each of our awnings alternative cantilever umbrellas is constructed from materials of the best quality, leaving you with a garden canopy that you and your family will love.

Shadowspec umbrella canopy awnings are built to last, using only the most durable materials and backed-up with lengthy warranties, reflecting the supreme quality of our products. With our shade products, you know your outside shade investment will look great for years to come, and that your home design will look perfect.

How can we help you?

You can view our full range of sun shades here, to begin designing your own backyard shade solution. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call in NZ; we will develop a full, obligation-free quote for your retractable canopy awnings requirements.


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